”Before Cotton”

               2019年 7月18日―8月11日



Exhibition "Before cotton", Church Tower Haslach, 18 July - 11 August 2019

Gallery Kei is having an exhibition
entitled "Before Cotton"
in Haslach, Austria,
July 18 - August 11 2019.


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Exhibition "Before cotton", Church Tower Haslach, 18 July - 11 August 2019



Ohyo is a tree of elm family and grow naturally in Hokkaido Prefecture of northern Japan



This jacket was made by Ainu people, who are indigenous people



Shina is a relative of linden and is naturally grown in the northern part of Japan, including Hokkaido.



Fuji  is a woody climbing vine of the wisteria group and it grows naturally in various parts of Japan. 





葛布 くずふ

Kuzu, a climbing vine of the bean family, grows naturally in various areas of Japan. The texture of it is fine and glossy.


So people made festival or performance costumes from this vine.

Shi-fu, cloth made from Kozo paper threads
Shi-fu is a unique cloth which is woven from thread of Kozo or paper mulberry paper. Both of the new
unused paper and used paper have been utilized for making paper threads.

紙 汗はじき Unaderwaer made from paper



Kozo, or paper mulberry tree, has been used for thread making and cloth weaving in Japan, before paper making was imported from China.

We call it "Ta-fu ".


People didn't throw away anything  in olden times in Japan.

They didn't throw away the used paper, but made it into thread and wove the fabric mainly into weft.

We call it shi-fu.




Basho is a relative of the banana and is grown in the southern Islands of Japan, including Okinawa prefecture.

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